MSI Radeon X600 Pro PCI-Express Video Card

MSI Radeon X600 Pro PCI-Express Video Card - Click to enlarge
MSI Radeon X600 Pro PCI-Express Video Card - Click to enlarge
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Descriptions / Features / Specifications
MSI Radeon X600 Pro PCI-Express Video Card

MSI RX600PRO-TD128E PCI-Express Video Card

RADEON X600 Features and Specifications
  • World's first PCI Express Graphics Chip
  • Native x16 lane PCI Express
  • Double the bandwidth of AGP 8X
  • Increased memory bandwidth to 12 Gigabytes/sec.
  • Four extreme parallel 3D rendering pixel pipelines
  • Two programmable vertex shader pipelines
  • 128-bit memory interface supporting 128MB or 256MB DDR1 memory configurations
  • Full DirectX 9 support

  • SMARTSHADER™ defines the level of realism in latest 2D/3D games and applications
  • Complete hardware-accelerated Microsoft DirectX 9.0 programmable vertex and pixel shader support
  • Full hardware support for OpenGL 2.0

  • SMARTSHADERM improves image quality by smoothing jagged edges, improving blurriness and refining background details during on-screen motion and at lower resolutions
  • SMOOTHVISION settings are user configurable in ATI CATALYST Control Panel:
  • 2x/4x/6x Anti-Aliasing (AA) modes
  • 2x/4x/8x/16x Anisotropic Filtering (AF) modes

  • HYPER Z ensures optimal hardware performance bydiscarding irrelevant object data that is not visible to end-user on their display.
  • Leverages key features from ATi's third generation HYPER Z III technology that conserves video memory bandwidth for improved performance in demanding 2D/3D games and applications
  • Lossless Z-Buffer Compression (up to 48:1)
  • Fast Z-Buffer Clear
  • Z Cache optimized for real-time shadow rendering

  • Seamless integration of pixel shaders with video in real time
  • FULLSTREAM video de-blocking technology for Real, DivX, and WMV9 formats
  • VIDEOSOAP noise removal filtering for captured video
  • MPEG 1/2/4 decode and encode acceleration
  • DXVA Support
  • Hardware Motion Compensation, iDCT, DCT and color space conversion
  • Adaptive Per-Pixel De-Interlacing and Frame Rate Conversion (temporal filtering)

  • Memory Interface: 256-bit / 4Channel
  • Peak Memory Bandwidth: 11.84GB/sec. (This value is for reference only, depending on the type/size of memory implemented)
  • Peak Pixel Fill Rate: 2.00 GB/s
  • Dual RAMDACs: 400MHz
  • Core Speed: 500 MHz
  • Memory Speed: 370 MHz

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