Microsoft Trackball Optical Mouse, P/N: D67-00011

Microsoft Trackball Optical Mouse, P/N: D67-00011 - Click to enlarge
Microsoft Trackball Optical Mouse, P/N: D67-00011 - Click to enlarge
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Microsoft Trackball Optical Mouse, P/N: D67-00011

The Microsoft TrackBall Optical mouse sets a new standard in trackballs by combining an IntelliEye optical sensor and an advanced ball design. The IntelliEye optical sensor tracks the movement of the ball 1,500 times per second to give you unbelievably smooth, precise control. Microsoft part number D67-00001.

Designed to be thumb-operated, the ball is conveniently located for easy control. Trackball Optical has an ergonomic design that supports your entire hand and fingers. The wheel makes scrolling simple without using scroll bars and helps you work 25% more efficiently. The IntelliEye sensor scans 1, 500 times per second, resulting in smooth, controlled movement. IntelliEye optical technology gives consumers more precision, control and accuracy. Trackball Optical is the ultimate trackball combining IntelliEye optical technology popularized in IntelliMouse Explorer with new styling, a wheel and five programmable buttons.

The Trackball Optical comes with two additional buttons located on the side of the device for a total of five buttons to quickly move forward and back in your browser, or you can program them. It also features a wheel for efficient scrolling and zooming and is ergonomically designed to support the natural position of your hand as you use your thumb to control the trackball.

  • Precise and accurate: The IntelliEye optical sensor reads through dirt, dust, and fingerprints.
  • Five Programmable buttons: Five programmable buttons make it easier to navigate the Internet or access and use your favorite programs.
  • Easy navigation: Browse easily with the programmable forward and back buttons. Scroll efficiently with the wheel.
  • Wheel for scrolling and zooming: Scroll directly from your mouse without having to use scrollbars. Zoom without needing to use menus or toolbars.
  • Designed for comfort: The shape supports your hand in a natural posture. The thumb-operated ball is positioned for control and easy navigation.
  • PC- and Mac-compatible: The rectangular Universal Serial Bus (USB) plug connects to a Windows-based or Macintosh computer. The included IntelliType Pro keyboard software comes in a Windows and Mac OS versions (Mac OS 10.1 to 10.1.3).
  • USB & PS/2 connectivity

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