HP Compaq dx2000, d240, d248 Intel P4 Motherboard, P/N: 351067-001

HP Compaq dx2000, d240, d248 Intel P4 Motherboard, P/N: 351067-001 - Click to enlarge
HP Compaq dx2000, d240, d248 Intel P4 Motherboard, P/N: 351067-001 - Click to enlarge
SKU: 20904     Model: 351067-001     Condition: New, HP Part 350288     Availability: Out of stock  

Descriptions / Features / Specifications
HP Compaq dx2000, d240, d248 Intel P4 Motherboard, P/N: 351067-001

This SP#351087-001 AS#:350288-001/002/003/004/005 is the system board for
  • HP Compaq dx2000 Microtower PC
  • HP d240MT - Asia Version
  • HP Compaq d240 Microtower Desktop PC
  • HP Compaq Business PC d248 Microtower Pentium 4 - 2.4 & 2.8GHz

    Compatible HP/Compaq Models:
    CB564UC EM013LA DR546AV PD182PA PB660PA PB660PAR PD183PA PD183PAR PD184PA DS675A DS676A DS677A DS678A DS679A DS680A DS681A DS682A DS683A DS684A DS685A DS686A DS687A DS688A DS689A DS690A DS691A DS692A DS693A DS694A DS695A DU767AV DU767AVR DV915PA DV916PA DV917PA DV918PA DV919PA DV920PA DV921PA DV922PA DV923PA DW342PA DW343PA DW344PA DW345PA DX934PA DY465PA DY466PA DY467PA DY468PA DY469PA DY675PA DY676PA DY677PA DY678PA DY679PA DY680PA DZ588PA DZ589PA DZ590PA PA000PA PA001PA PA002PA PA589PA PA590PA PA591PA PA592PA PC348PA PC585PA PC586PA PC587PA PC588PA PC588PAR PC589PA PC851PA PC851PAR PC852PA PC852PAR PC942PA PC943PA PC959PC PC960PC PE886PA PF813PA PF814PA PK174PT PK175PT PK175PTR DR547AV DV759L DW978A DW979A DW979AR DW980A DX870A DX870T DX871A DX872A DX872AR DX873A DX873AR DX874A DX874AR DX875A DX875AR DX875ET DX875ETR DX876A DY925AV DZ190S DZ198A DZ198AR DZ198ET DZ199T DZ199TR DZ441A DZ442A DZ443A DZ444A DZ445A DZ446A DZ447A DZ448A DZ449A DZ450A DZ451A DZ484A DZ485A DZ486A DZ487A DZ488A EA143LA EA205AA EA206AA EA207AA EA235AA EA251PC EB357US EB770PA EB791PA EB792PA EB793PA EB850PA EB851PA EC045AA EC747ES EC755ES EC756ES EC757ES EC758ES EC759ES EC761ES EC762ES EC765ES EC766ES EC767ES EC768ES EC781ES EC781ESR EC782ES EC794ES EC795ES EC796ES EC808ES EC822ES EC822ESR EC825ES EC825ESR EC828ES EC833ES EC867ES EC874ES EC880ES EC882ES EC896ES EC905ES EC906ES EC910ES EC911ES EC912ES EC919ES EC926ES EC927ES EC936EF EC937EF EC939EF EC971ES EC983EF EC988EF EC992EF EC993EF EC997EF EC998EF EC999EF ED009EF ED020EF ED654AA EE003AA EE004AA EE039PC EE216UC EE432AA EG255PC EG303PA EG309PA EG310PA EG311PA EG318PA EG325PA EG362PA EG379AA EG564UC EH127PC EH209AA EH214PS EH217PS EH218PS EH219PS EH222PS EH223PS EH226PS EH227PS EH239PS EH242PS EH592AA EJ105UC EJ106UC EJ564EF EJ579EF EJ581EF EJ602EF EJ609EF EJ669ES EJ675EF EJ676EF EJ677EF EJ686EF EJ693EF EJ694EF EJ695EF EJ710EF EJ711EF EJ712EF EJ713EF EJ714EF EJ718EF EJ723EF EJ736ES EJ738ES EJ746EF EJ750EF EJ751EF EJ752EF EJ763ET EJ763ETR EJ781EF EJ783ES EJ792EF EJ793EF EJ799EF EJ817EF EJ818EF EK274PT EK277PT EK280PT EK535AA EL260AA EL261AA EL368PS EL369PS EL372PS EL374PS EL375PS EL376PS EL377PS EL378PS EL379PS EL649PA EL658PA EL659PA EL660PA EL662PA EL707US EL731US EL732US EL733US EL746US EL753US EL754US EL754USR EL874US EM270PS EM271PS EM274PS EM726UC EM910UC EN204UA EN204UAR EN613PC EN626AA EN627AA EN658UC EN852AA EN853AA EN857PS EN861PS EN886PA EN932PA EP314AA EP315AA EP316AA EP317AA EP317AAR EP471ES EP476ES EP504EF EP505EF EP508EF EP510ES EP525ES EP548EF EP549EF EP550EF EP551EF EP552EF EP553EF EP554EF EP560EF EP576EF EP579ES EP585EF EP590EF EP601EF EP638EF EP647ES EP652ES EP656ES EP657ES EP658ES EP658ESR EP659ES EP659ESR EP660ES EP661ES EP662ES EP663ES EP663ESR EP664ES EP665ES EP669ES EP674EF EP677ES EP680EF EP736EF EP743ES EP746ES EP746ESR EP755EF EP756EF EP760EF EP761EF EP762EF EP768EF EP960UC EQ162US ES639UC ET505PA ET533PA ET682PS EU169EF EU170EF EU171EF EU194EF EU195EF EU208EF EU209EF EU222EF EU258EF EU259EF EU260EF EU261EF EU262EF EU263EF EU264EF EU265EF EU266EF EU267EF EU294ES EU315ES EU326ES EU332ES EU354ES EU366ES EU370ES EU427ES EU430EF EU444EF EU614AA EU615AA EU931US EV286AA EX687AA PB173US PB174US PB238US PB238USR PB239US PB239USR PB240US PB240USR PB241US PB241USR PC842S PC843S PC844S PD221S PD222S PD223S PD224S PD225S PD226S PD227S PD228S PD229S PD230S PD231S PD232S PD233S PD234S PD235S PD236S PD237S PD238S PD239S PD240S PD241S PD242S PD243S PD244S PD245S PD246S PD449S PE000T PE001T PE002T PE003T PE004T PE004TR PE005A PE005AR PE006EA PE006EAR PE007EA PE007EAR PE037S PE115ES PE116ES PE170ES PE171ES PE172ES PE192ES PE194ES PE197EA PE197EAR PE198ET PE199ET PE199ETR PE200EA PE200ET PE201ET PE202EA PE203EA PE203EAR PE204ET PE205EA PE205EAR PE205ET PE205ETR PE206EA PE206EAR PE211ES PE216ES PE229ES PE250ES PE251ES PE295ES PE299ES PE602S PE603S PE604S PF519S PF520S PF862S PF863S PF864S PF865S PF866S PF867S PG984AV PG984AVR PH875PA PH875PAR PH876PA PH877PA PH886PA PH887PA PH888PA PH889PA PH917PS PH918PS PH919PS PJ088US PJ091UA PJ092UA PJ093UA PJ094UA PJ148US PJ149US PJ162US PJ215US PJ215USR PJ320US PJ350US PJ350USR PJ996A PJ997A PJ998A PJ998AR PK005A PK005AR PK006A PK007PA PK008PA PK008PAR PK009PA PK010PA PK010PAR PK017PA PK017PAR PK018PA PK018PAR PK019PA PK019PAR PK020PA PK058PA PK061PA PK062PA PK063PA PK172PT PK189PT PK189PTR PK190PT PK190PTR PK192PT PK201PT PK585PA PK586PA PK587PA PK614ES PK839PA PK839PAR PK840PA PK842PA PK843PA PK844PA PK845PA PK861PA PK861PAR PK862PA PK862PAR PK863PA PK863PAR PK870PA PK870PAR PK873PA PK874PA PK875PA PL000ES PL004ES PL008ES PL009ES PL023ES PL028ES PL029ES PL030ES PL034ES PL061ES PL062ES PL072ES PL073ES PL074ES PL075ES PL076ES PL089EA PL089EAR PL090EA PL090EAR PL091EA PL091EAR PL091ET PL091ETR PL092EA PL092EAR PL093ET PL093ETR PL094ET PL094ETR PL095ET PL095ETR PL116ES PL148ES PL161ES PL162ES PL162ESR PL172ES PL190ES PL197ES PL202ES PL229ES PL259ES PL261ES PL268ES PL269ES PL269ET PL277ES PL277ESR PL278ES PL279ES PL281ES PL287ES PL292ES PL896EC PM078PC PM501PA PM502PA PM503PA PM504PA PM505PA PN415EC PN416EC PN820EC PN826EC PP564PS PP736ES PP737ES PP759PS PP822A PP823A PP824A PP825A PP826A PP827A PP828A PP829A PP830A PP831A PP832A PP833A PP865PA PP866PA PP867PA PQ000ES PQ001ES PQ002ES PQ003ES PQ011A PQ011AR PQ012A PQ012AR PQ013A PQ013AR PQ014A PQ014AR PQ067A PQ067AR PQ068A PQ068AR PQ069A PQ070A PQ070AR PQ071A PQ071AR PQ072A PQ072AR PQ073A PQ073AR PQ074A PQ075A PQ076A PQ077A PQ078A PQ526PC PQ681UC PQ875UC PQ924PA PQ925PA PQ926PA PQ927PA PQ927PAR PQ928PA PQ931PA PQ932PA PQ933PA PQ934PA PQ935PA PQ936PA PQ937PA PQ952PA PQ956PA PQ965PA PQ966PA PQ967PA PQ968PA PQ971PA PQ987PA PQ988PA PR113US PR113USR PR222ES PR223ES PR224ES PR225ES PR226ES PR227ES PR228ES PR229ES PR230ES PR231ES PR232ES PR233ES PR234ES PR257PS PR375PA PR376PA PR393PA PR394PA PR396PA PR397PA PR499PS PR601EC PR669UC PS914EC PS994US PT192ES PT193ES PT194ES PT195ES PT240US PU270US PU380US PU387US PU448US PU470US PU748PA PU748PT PU749PA PU749PT PU750PA PU750PT PU751PA PU751PT PU752PA PU752PT PU753PT PU754PT PU756PT PU756PTR PU757PT PU758PT PU760PT PU767PT PU775PT PU776PT PU846ES PU874US PU988UC PU989UC PV072PA PV079PA PV107PA PV652AA PV956PS PV957PS PV959PS PV962PS PV975PS PV976PS PV977PS PV978PS PW010ES PW014ES PW025ES PW026ES PW027ES PW028ES PW029ES PW030ES PW049ES PW066ES PW070ES PW074ES PW081ES PW126ES PW128ES PW137ES PW143ES PW152ES PW158ES PW166ES PW167ES PW168ES PW169ES PW170ES PW178ES PW179ES PW184ES PW216ES PW221ES PW222ES PW223ES PW234ES PW235ES PW236ES PW237ES PW238ES PW243ES PW245ES PW246ES PW247ES PW253ES PW260ES PW267ES PW268ES PW270ES PW275ES PW985AA PW986AA PW987AA PW999AA PX010L PX264PC PX834AA PX834AAR PX835AA PX835AAR PX836AA PX836AAR PX837AA PX837AAR PX838AA PX838AAR PX839AA PX839AAR PX840AA PX840AAR PX841AA PX841AAR PX842AA PX842AAR PX843AA PX844AA PY236AA PY651AA PY651AAR PY652AA PY652AAR PY657A PZ545UA PZ546UA RB927EF RB928EF RC065EF RC066EF RC067EF RC068EF RC069EF RC070EF RC071EF RC072EF RC080EF RE736US RE736USR RF374PS

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