CorelDraw Graphics Suite Version 12.0

CorelDraw Graphics Suite Version 12.0 - Click to enlarge
CorelDraw Graphics Suite Version 12.0 - Click to enlarge
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Descriptions / Features / Specifications
CorelDraw Graphics Suite Version 12.0

The all-new CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 marks a new evolution in design. The first graphics suite to offer intelligent tools, it gives you fewer steps in the design process, less re-purposing time, faster reviews, better control over the placement of text and objects, and more accurate layouts. With industry-leading illustration, digital imaging and motion graphics software in one complete package.

Designing just got easier with intelligent tools
  • New Smart Drawing tool - Get it right the first time! The application automatically recognizes shapes such as circles, triangles, arrows and parallelograms, and intelligently smooths curves while you are drawing, minimizing the number of steps it takes to produce graphics and extending your creative possibilities.
  • New Sketching capabilities - The Smart Drawing tool in CorelDRAW 12 now allows you to quickly sketch a design or layout. It intelligently corrects inaccurate movements to help you place objects and draw shapes precisely, saving you significant time in your review process.
  • New Dynamic Guides - Lay out objects easily and precisely the first time. When Dynamic Guides are turned on, temporary guides appear, which you can pull from the object snap points in your drawing cutting your design and re-purposing time dramatically.

Time-saving enhancements help you meet important deadlines
  • Suite-wide integration - With the seamless interface, you can switch between CorelDRAW 12, Corel PHOTO-PAINT 12 and Corel R.A.V.E.3 effortlessly to efficiently lay out and edit vector objects and bitmap images.
  • Enhanced Text control - Work faster and maximize your design layouts with improved control and rendering quality of text. Regardless of the zoom level, you can now see very detailed changes made to type, including leading and kerning.
  • Enhanced! Align and Distribute text features - You now have the ability to choose which part of the text object you are aligning with-First line baseline, Last line baseline or Bounding Box-providing more flexibility, precision and control over your text layout.

Improved file compatibility streamlines your workflow
  • New Export to Microsoft Office or WordPerfect Office - Publish designs for use in your office productivity suite to enhance text documents by adding graphics published directly from CorelDRAW Graphics Suite to Microsoft Office or WordPerfect Office.
  • Enhanced AutoCAD DXF/DWG support - Now when you export to AutoCAD DXF/DWG, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 preserves line widths so you don't have to re-purpose images, making the CorelDRAW to AutoCAD workflow smoother to increase your productivity.
  • New Unicode support - Unicode text handling allows the software to store more than 65,000 characters, making a broader range of language characters available to users. This means that any text entered on any system will be maintained, including English, German and Japanese.

One comprehensive suite gives you outstanding value
  • Comprehensive suite - Get three industry-leading applications in one integrated, easy-to-use graphics suite, all at an incredible price.
  • Professional design utilities - Instantly access a host of professional tools included in the suite, such as CorelTRACE, Corel Capture, Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications, Kodak Digital Science color management system and QuickTime 6.0 Player.
  • Supporting content - Ease your workflow with quick access to digital content, step-by-step templates, tutorials and Corel Update, which notifies you of product updates and delivers them directly to your computer.

System Requirements:
  • Min Hard Drive Space: 220 MB
  • Min Processor Speed: 533 MHz
  • Min Processor Type: Pentium III
  • Min RAM Size: 64 MB
  • Peripheral Interface Devices: CD-ROM, SVGA monitor, Mouse or compatible device

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