HP 612829-ZH1 CPU Cooler

HP 612829-ZH1 CPU Cooler - Click to enlarge
HP 612829-ZH1 CPU Cooler - Click to enlarge
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Descriptions / Features / Specifications
HP 612829-ZH1 CPU Cooler

  • Low Profile HP 612829-ZH1 Processor's Heatsink Cooling Fan
  • Round or Square Heat Sink

  • HP Part Number: 612829-ZH1 Compatible Models: Compaq Presario: CQ3321D INDO CNL CQ3321L INDO CNL CQ3330D A/P CQ3330KL KOR CQ3358IL INDIA CNL CQ3360D A/P CQ3368HK HK CQ3377IN INDIA CNL CQ3378HK HK CQ3380D SING CQ3414L A/P CQ3430D A/P CQ3430KL KOR CQ3430L A/P CQ3450IL INDIA CNL CQ3460D A/P CQ3478D PHILI CNCL CQ3478HK HK CQ3480D SING CQ3482L THAI CQ3485L THAI CQ3495AN AUST CQ3514L A/P CQ3521D INDO CQ3521L INDO CQ3530L A/P CQ3540IX INDIA CQ3550IX INDIA CQ3551IX INDIA CQ3559IN INDIA CQ3560D A/P CQ3578HK HK CQ3579L PHILI CQ3582L THAI CNL CQ3585L THAI CNL CQ3590D SING HP Pavilion: HP Pavilion MT Spring 1C SRP US HP Pavilion P6370T CTO P6570T CTO P6580T CTO P6670T CTO P6680T CTO P6730brt IDOC-TEST LTNA CNL P6770T CTO P6785T CTO p6370t CTO p6425tw SING CNCL p6430tw TW CNCL p6440jp JPN2 p6501c PC p6511cn PRC p6515cn PRC p6517cn PRC p6519l A/P p6521l INDO p6524f CNCL p6530br p6530f p6530in INDIA p6530kr KOR p6531in INDIA p6534f p6535a AUST p6538d A/P p6540br p6540la p6545a AUST p6545d MAL p6550in INDIA CNCL p6550jp JPN2 p6555a AUST p6555d INDO p6560br p6570kr KOR p6570t CTO p6572l THAI p6575l THAI p6580t CTO p6585l THAI p6606f p6608f p6611cn PRC p6615cn PRC p6617cn PRC p6619l A/P p6620in INDIA CNL p6620l A/P p6625tw TW CNL p6630br p6630f p6630kr KOR p6638d A/P p6640br p6640in INDIA CNL p6640jp Intel (Ion JPN2 p6640la p6642f p6645a AUST p6645d A/P p6650in INDIA CNL p6650jp JPN2 CNL p6655a AUST p6655d PHILI CNL p6655jp JPN2 CNCL p6670in INDIA CNL p6670t CTO p6672l THAI p6675l THAI p6680d SING p6680t p6682l THAI p6703in INDIA p6711cn PRC p6713cn PRC p6715cn PRC CNCL p6717cn PRC p6720in INDIA p6721cn PRC p6725cn PRC p6727cn PRC p6729cn PRC p6730br p6730f p6730in INDIA p6730la p6740jp Intel (Iona) 1C11 p6744d A/P p6745la p6745lat p6751in INDIA CNCL p6755d PHILI p6761c p6770t CTO p6772l THAI CNL p6775l THAI CNL p6782l THAI CNL p6785t CTO p6799cn PRC
    HP Pavilion Elite:
    HPE-150T CTO HPE-150t HPE-337c HPE-342f PC HPE-430f PC HPE-431f HPE-438hk HK HPE-467c PC HPE-477c

    Buy HP 612829-ZH1 CPU Cooler, buy 612829-ZH1

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